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TONY SCOTT - Freedom (7")

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Deep roots ‘Sufferers’ selection backed by the Boris Gardiner Happening band and produced by Lou Gooden featuring Tony Scott. “Freedom” was originally recorded in 1975 and released on Gooden and Alty East’s Ultra Records. Not only producing a string of records, Lou Gooden is a well known Jamaican author and radio disc jockey, and was the youngest ever sound system disc jockey, playing for Jamaica’s first known sound system Tom (The Great Sebastian). Gooden also wrote several non-fiction books such as ‘Reggae Heritage’, ‘Dancehall Sound System – The Good, The Bad and the Ugliest’, and his current book ‘The Rise And Fall Of Studio One’. Gooden is a real treasure and archivist of everything Jamaican music and who’s made a point of setting the records straight.