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TIPPA LEE & NARAM - Down In The Ghetto (7")

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The third Red Robin 7” finds the veteran Tippa Lee in fine form, crooning and chatting in a suffrah’s style on a classic Juno 6-led riddim by Naram.

Tippa’s Down in the Ghetto lyric first came about as a freestyle delivered whilst driving Naram to LAX airport. Naram saw it fit to record a video - - of Tippa’s handiwork and, revisiting it months later, he decided the tune deserved to find its way to wax.

So Naram re-recorded the riddim properly with live syn drums (courtesy of the classic Roland DDR-30 unit), and Red Robin sent Tippa to work in the studio.

The result is an authentic piece of late-80s inspired rub-a-dub, that will clear the dancefloor at any Euro steppas festival but warm the heart of any true lover of hardcore digital reggae.