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ACIAMAJ - Trench Town Connection (7")

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In collaboration with Walkie Talkie Records we're very happy to announce the rescue of this classic 7" from obscurity. "Aciamaj" (spelt Jamaica backwards) is an expression told and a way of life, symbolising the good times with friends. A pretty accurate description for Aciamaj, a very short lived five-way musical and harmony group led by Gill "G.G." Watson who emerged from the same community of Trench Town, ofcourse being one of the most famous ghettos in the world due in large part to it's reputation as a breeding ground for reggae superstars. This musical heritage stands out as one of the principle cradles of ska, rocksteady and reggae music.

Produced and originally pressed up in very limited numbers by Heron's out of Mandeville, this one-away classic recorded in 1975 on the fittingly named and humble imprint "Roots". It's incredible to share this peek into the daily runnings and commentary of the people's quest to survive. Welcome 'Trench Town Connection'. "Babylon a screw, cause dem slow upon di draw".