10" PRINCE EDWARDS - Don't Laugh - TRS Records

10" PRINCE EDWARDS - Don't Laugh

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Rockers style underground hit “Don’t Laugh” by Prince Edwards was originally released on 12″ via Lou Gooden’s Disco 2000 label in 1982 and received a good response in the New York dances of the time. Lou Gooden is no stranger to Reggae music and his contributions are monumental for shaping the industry as we know today. In 1971 Gooden launched ‘The Metromedia Sound System’ from the Baby Grand Club that was located in Cross Roads… and the rest is history. After spending many years abroad, Gooden even attended four different radio broadcasting colleges in the United States and helped build x-amount of radio stations back home in Jamaica. Not only a broadcasting giant, Lou Gooden is a Jamaican national treasure, a historian with a wealth of knowledge on the threads of the island’s musical heritage.